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Interface Overview

The Task Rocket interface has been designed with usable aesthetics top of mind, and it plays nice on all screen sizes both desktop and mobile.

The Dashboard

Simultaneously see both personal and company wide overviews with a single glance, along with your recent tasks, comments and projects statuses in a Gantt chart.

Task Details

Task information includes status, date added, date due, time spent, task cost, visibility, priority, job number, attachments, comments, task owner and who the task previously belonged to (if it had been reassigned).

All Projects Overview

View the current details and status of all projects. If the option is enabled, time and cost information is also displayed. Administrators can delete projects from here.

Create Projects

Creating a project is as easy as entering a project name. You can also add a description, job number, more detailed information, specify start and end dates, allocate time, choose a project manager, and import tasks from pre-defined task groups.

Project Page

Projects can display a wealth of information, including time frames, time spent/allocated, costs, all active and completed tasks, project progress, Gantt chart, project team members and more.


Reports show a summary of every project and allows you to view an individual report, which also lets you easily spot tasks and projects that have exceeded the allocated budget or time frame. Reports can also be emailed directly.

Complete Control

It's easy to get things happening the way you want. Turn certain features on or off, control what users and clients can and can't do, choose how notifactions are sent and much more. Web literate folk can even use the built-in support for overriding CSS selectors or adding custom JavaScript.

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