Task Rocket 4.7 has launched! Booyah!

The promise was for this week, wasn’t it? Check your update notifications in WordPress admin and update to the latest version 4.7.

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Task Rocket 4.7 will launch this week

Well this took longer than expected, but I’m still happy to report that v4.7 will launch this week. I’ve squashed a few bugs and added some often requested features.

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Version 5 delayed, but 4.7 is on the way

I’ve decided to go back to the original plan and release v4.7, as there’s no good reason why it should be delayed by v5.0.

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Introducing the Task Rocket affiliate program

So cool – the Task Rocket affiliate program is pretty much ready to go.

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Kanban for Task Rocket has arrived!

Task Rocket has a new add-on: Kanban, and you’ll need at least Task Rocket v4.4.2 (also released today) in order for Kanban to work.

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Task Rocket is getting a Kanban board

Because you can never have enough ways to visualise your workflow, Task Rocket will now support the upcoming Kanban add-on.

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Task Rocket v4 has launched!

So what’s new? A bunch of stuff actually, with the most notable items being the ability for tasks to have a status, everything is translation ready, and support for two new add-ons.

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Task Rocket 4 is almost ready to launch

As well as introducing support for two new add-ons (Gantt and Comment Notify) and a significant update to the Client Control add-on, Task Rocket 4 introduces some useful new features, squashes some bugs and adds some minor UI/UX enhancements.

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