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Do you need an easy way to manage your projects? Then you need Task Rocket, the awesomest front-end project management theme built on WordPress. But don't take our word for it. Try a demo or read what other people have said.

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A few reasons to love Task Rocket

Task Rocket is a front-end project and task management app built for WordPress that works right out of the box. Just activate the theme and you and your team can manage projects, create tasks, track time, view reports and more - all from a slick front-end user interface.

Customise the team user experience by toggling features through the dedicated control interface, and allow clients to participate in projects with a customisable level of control and visibility.

Some of the features include:

* Some features require add-ons.

Made For WordPress

Because it’s built on WordPress, Task Rocket is easy to get started. Host it yourself, activate the theme and go.

Device Agnostic

With a slick responsive design, Task Rocket plays nice on both desktop and mobile devices.

Drop Dead Simple

Seriously. Task Rocket is so easy to use that even those with little experience will have no problems blasting off at full speed.

Custom Add-ons

Easily add more awesomeness to Task Rocket with custom built add-ons.

Translation Ready

Ready to translate into your native language. Ships with English, French, Spanish, Catalan and more are in progress.

Test Flight

Play as a user or a client in an un-crippled live testing environment using either of the demo accounts below.

User: user1
Pass: password1

User: client1
Pass: password1


Note: The live demo is shared, so be aware there could be other people logged in at the same time as you with the same account. The database for this demo is also reset periodically to start fresh.

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