Task Rocket

Do you need simple user-friendly software to manage your team projects? Keep tabs on what you're working on with Task Rocket, a front-end project & task management theme built for Wordpress.

Task Rocket has a stunning UI, a fantastic UX and plays nice on both desktop and mobile devices. But don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself or read what other people have said.

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What Can You Do With Task Rocket?

Task Rocket allows project managers customise the team user experience by toggling features through a custom built control panel.

Some of the features include:

Made For Wordpress

Because it’s built on Wordpress, Task Rocket is easy to get started. Host it yourself on a domain or on your internal server.

Device Agnostic

Thanks to the marvel that is responsive design, Task Rocket plays nice on both desktop and mobile devices. No app required.

Drop Dead Simple

Seriously. Task Rocket is so easy to use that even those with little experience will have no problems jumping in at full speed.

Only Pay Once

There’s no ongoing licence fees, instead you just pay once, use it forever, updates for the life of the product included.

Test Flight

Try before you buy. Play with Task Rocket on a live testing environment with any of these test accounts:

User: user1
Pass: password1

User: user2
Pass: password2

User: user3
Pass: password3


Note: This is a shared demo area, so be aware there could be other people logged in with the same demo account as you. The database for this demo is also reset periodically to start fresh.

Apparently People Like It

Here’s some nice things that real users have said about Task Rocket

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